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Can sex be a weapon (of peace)?

It is a well-documented fact that men have sometimes opted to use sex as aweapon, with sometimes terrible consequences. One, men do this through the commission of rape which is a violent crimethat uses sex as a weapon of power and control. Rape is a weapon of war. Afew years ago, in Africa, Ugandan soldiers […]

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RADIO PLAY GURU – Claude Mills 8763951518

Claude Mills is a news journalist for DancehallMag based in Jamaica. In 1998, Claude Mills won his first Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) award for an article he wrote about his experience flying into the eye of Hurricane George in a military plane, alongside scientists measuring the force of the storm as it hit the […]

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Where are all the good women?

Is there a lady in the house? Woman was God’s second mistake – Nietzsche CLAUDE MILLS/ONE876 EDITOR I love a good catfight. Remember the Linda Evans and Joan Collinshair-pulling, nail-scratching, thigh-exposing fights on the ’80s soap,Dynasty? I got a real charge out of watching those fights during mysex-starved early adolescence, especially one famous one that […]

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Skeng ‘peppersprayed’ after security ordered him to remove bleaching cream from luggage

CLAUDE MILLS/ONE876EDITOR A police source has told that Skeng got into an verbal altercation with a member of the Port Security after the guard told Skeng to remove a bottle of bleaching cream from his luggage. “The dawg never want leave him Fair and White bleaching cream behind. The security style him and Skeng […]

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JEALOUSY – that green eye’d bitch

By Claude Mills: Staff Reporter Jealousy is always born with love, but does not always die with it † LaRochefoucald. Last week, I was home watching the talk show programme, Maury, which forthat episode, focused on the violent experiences of women who had beenkilled or maimed by their lovers and ex-husbands. I dont normally watch […]

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More prison time for Jah Cure?

CLAUDE MILLS ONE876 EDITOR On Tuesday, the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service has lodged an appeal against Jah Cure’s acquittal for attempted murder, seeking to overturn his acquittal in the Netherlands Court of Appeals. “It will most likely be a matter of months before the case is on trial (being heard) again. Our office (of appeals) […]

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Industry reacts to SOJA’s win

CLAUDE MILLS/ ONE876 EDITOR Jamaicans reacted with anger and incredulity to news that SOJA, a predominantly all-white reggae band, had won this year’s Reggae Grammy with their album, ‘Beauty in the Silence’. Cooler heads within the reggae industry however believe that SOJA’s surprising victory is a fitting snapshot of an industry in tatters, and hence […]

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DEATH IN THE DANCEHALLI’m not sure anymore, moreWho is knocking on my door, doorAll the faces that I knewSo sunny and blue, blueI-man can see it in the skyTenor Saw already die die…When dem a go stop kill off the superstar? Super Cat Claude MillsFreelance Writer A rash of events over the past week has […]

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Say no to censorship

’Give me six lines written by the most honourable of men and I will find an excuse in them to hang him.’ – Cardinal Richelieu In recent weeks, the authorities have sent a clear warning to the entertainment community by embarking on a system of reviewing tapes of stage shows and summoning entertainers before court […]

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