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Can sex be a weapon (of peace)?

It is a well-documented fact that men have sometimes opted to use sex as a
weapon, with sometimes terrible consequences.

One, men do this through the commission of rape which is a violent crime
that uses sex as a weapon of power and control. Rape is a weapon of war. A
few years ago, in Africa, Ugandan soldiers systematically raped Congolese
women leaving them humiliated, hurt, and traumatised, with the additional
threat of a death sentence in this age of HIV/AIDS.

What most people don’t know is that women also use sex as a weapon.

Most of the marketing of sex revolves around men marketing sex to other
men or the fantasy of sex. However, increasingly, women are tackling that
role and doing it aggressively, muddling society’s ideas about who owns
sex, and who’s allowed to access sex and when.

When a woman and a man involved in a relationship have an argument,
what’s the first thing that the women does? Yes, you guessed it. She locks
shop. No sex. Nada.

Who owns sex? Really?

Men may have shares in the commodity, but women definitely have a
‘controlling’ interest.

For centuries, men have been able to maintain a false front, gaining the
upper hand through a combination of force, charm and brute economics. I
have come to the conclusion that where sexual power is concerned, behaviour
is not gender-based, it’s about money, power and status.

So, in effect, what we consider ‘male behaviour’ is the actions of
someone with money, power and status, while female behaviour is equated
with economic dependency. Hence, the passive behaviour of women was
‘survivor behaviour’, and not intrinsically female behaviour.

Things are changing.

Women have rediscovered power, and several of them have been employing
the granting and withholding of sexual favours as part of their arsenal,
but they won’t admit it. There is nothing more pathetic than a man with an
erection at full mast who knows that he can’t get to the Promised Land. He
knows his passport has been temporarily revoked, with ACCESS DENIED
rubber-stamped in red ink all over the covers.

Males in heat are in an intellectually-weakened state. Dominated by
sexual excitement, he becomes especially pliable and will readily accede to
demands leveraged by the granting/withholding of sexual favours. Men know
this, women know this, so tell me, who’s really got the power?

Women claim they have been taught, conditioned and socialised to live
without sex. They love sex just as much as we do but they have more
willpower, or should I say, malice aforethought.

Somewhere, mothers are smiling right now. They know what I am talking

Women even have a thing they call ‘severance sex’, that’s when they
leave you but they give you a last mind-blowing session just to remind you
of what you will be missing.

So, that’s it. Women have great power, and they should use it for good.
I know the men are going to hate me for this but I am appealing to all
women to go on a nation-wide ‘sex strike’ during the sexual heights of the
carnival season April 1 to 7 this year.

Only women can bring peace to this troubled country by insisting that
senseless violence must end in this country.

Ladies, follow the example of the ancient Greek heroine Lysistrata (who
had also employed a sex strike in her time) and tell all men that heaven
can wait till Jamaicans get some piece…sorry, er, peace in this beloved

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