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Tilibop chants a ‘Psalm’

Reggae singer Tilibop has released a new single, ‘Psalm’, a stirring call to action for young people of colour to rewrite the false narratives forced on them by an oppressive system, and seek their own truths. ‘This a song where mi a show the youths dem fi wake up, we ah the root and the […]

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Tilibop vows to grant studio equipment to August Town residents who put G-sharps over gangs

Reggae artiste Tilibop believes that music and entrepreneurship may be the panacea to ease the scourge of gang violence in August Town, St. Catherine. The ‘All That’ singer has pledged to provide headphones and essential studio equipment to any youths who want to build a studio in the war-torn community to nurture and develop young talent.

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Tilibop provides headphones to winner of Suncity High School DJ contest

Girl power held centrestage recently as 16 year-old teen DJ Venny of Waterford High School in St Catherine won the SunCity High School DJ Competition Grand Finals on Saturday. The 16-year-old girl led from the start to finish against ‘Tatis ‘ from Clarendon College to take the title in the fifth staging of the competition. Venny walked away with trophies, […]

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