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Terry Bennett teams up with Demarco for futuristic project HELLO


Fusion singer Terry Bennett wants to remind humanity of the beauty and transformative power that lies in the simplicity of the word: HELLO. And that’s why he has released a collaborative single titled, HELLO, featuring dancehall star Demarco.

HELLO is an acronym for Helping Everyone Love Life Organically.

“I want people to know that they are acknowledged, and allow the power of positive music to start their days with a boost of energy, for “all” listeners to feel happy, good, and a sense of joy when they hear this song,” Terry Bennett said.

The single, HELLO, features Grammy-nominated producer-artiste Demarco, with stellar production by the six-time Grammy award winner, Bonzai Caruso. An animated video featuring avatars of both artistes, has racked up over 50,000 views on Youtube since its release a month ago.

“It was amazing working with Demarco. He is a genius and the most creative person I have ever met. I was introduced to him by Jazzy T (Renaissance) and we became immediate friends. We’ve been friends for over three or four years, talking all the time, brainstorming new ideas and thought processes to bring smiles, joy, and new thinking to the Jamaican culture and the full diaspora. The music video is a direct result of that synergy and collaboration,” Bennett said.

Demarco and Terry Bennett reached out to an animated company, and created 3D avatars of their images for use in an animated music video. Fans and listeners will also see their super-heated brainstormed ideas come to life on social media platforms with the use of augmented reality.

“Demarco wanted to do things in a new and futuristic space, so we contacted Master Perfumer, Hugh Spencer, a Jamaican-born world class perfumer, who would bring this part of the strategy to life. We strategized every single piece, including a unique offshoot of the project, a unisex HELLO cologne which will be sold in the U.S. and the international marketplace.” Bennett said.

Part proceeds of the sale of the HELLO cologne and shirts will be directed towards the coffers of the Every Mikkle Foundation to purchase essentials, toiletries, school supplies and electronics for at-risk youths and women in Jamaica.

Bennett was born in the U.S and he has Jamaican roots as both of his parents are Jamaican.

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