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Police lock off Popcaan’s bike dance and confiscate bike

A team of cops locked off Popcaan’s bike show and apparently confiscated the Unruly Gad’s three-wheel bike. A video circulating online showed Popcaan in an altercation with a group of cops.

Bystanders verbally abused the cops .

“go suck oonu madda and move oonu bloodclaat,” one shouted.

Another bystander accused the cops of ‘bad mind”.

“Oonu bad mind because oonu caan buy three wheel bike, go suck oonu madda!”.

Online users expressed fear

“Swear mi just want Poppy just left Jamaica

Popcaan has had a checkered relationship with the police over the years. In January 2024, during a court appearance, he declined an opportunity to apologise to the police for his behaviour at Unruly Fest.

The entertainer, who is a native of the parish, was charged and placed before the court for his foulmouthed tirade towards the police during the recent staging of the event.

After the ‘Unruly Boss’ pleaded guilty to cursing at his Unruly Fest event last year,

presiding judge Sanchia Burrell asked Popcaan, “Do you have anything to say to the police today?”

“I don’t have nothing to say,” Popcaan said.

Popcaan was fined $1500 or 10 days’ imprisonment on each count.

in 2023, Popcaan was charged with several offences under the Road Traffic Act, including driving an unlicensed motorcycle, driving without insurance coverage, and driving without a helmet. He was fined in court for the offences.

In the past, head of the St Thomas police, Superintendent Allison Byfield, had dismissed claims by popular dancehall artiste Popcaan, who said that police under her command are targeting him.

“I don’t know of the St Thomas police having any grudge or any ill-will or ill-feeling against this person, I don’t know. What I know is that we have been getting reports of river parties being held in the Sunning Hill area. Whenever the police visit the area, persons scatter and they run in bushes. We hear that the parties being held are by a gentleman by the name of Popcaan, same Andre Sutherland,” Byfield said.

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