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SPICE IS AWAKE ! Friends and family rally to Spice’s hospital bed as the Queen of Dancehall opens her eyes after near-death ordeal

As Spice’s medical situation improved overnight, friends and family have been rallying to her side or posting encouraging messages on Instagram. “Spice is awake,” one source told “When I spoke to a member of the family on Friday, no one sounded nervous or worried, they say she is doing well. Spice is talking, she […]

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Why did Dr. Marcos Soto turn down dancehall artiste Spice for additional surgery in the Dominican Republic?

Fans have been asking why Spice did not return to her original plastic surgeon to do her second procedure, instead of running the risk of employing a new specialist to do her cosmetic surgery enhancement. Why? Why? The question has become increasingly urgent as fans wonder if the dancehall hitmaker will emerge healthy after developing […]

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Spice’s botched surgery in the Dom Rep leaves fans worried

Dancehall star Spice is believed to be in stable condition at a medical facility after developing complications during cosmetic enhancement surgery in the Dominican Republic. Spice’s booking agent refuted rumours that the Indicator deejay had slipped into a coma after being intubated after developing post-op complications. “She didn’t suffer a heart attack and she is […]

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Will Squash be arrested as he is named in court documents in double murder in Florida?

According to the court records, the G-City Gang is at odds with the Badbreed Gang triggering a major turf war in Lauderhill, Florida. The conflict originated in Salt Spring, St James with the alleged leaders being Fredman for G-City and Marvin Brown otherwise called Ramos, based in Atlanta, Georgia. On the night of October 19, […]

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Shalkal drops new ‘Ungrateful Maga Dog’ single

Jamaican-born dancehall-reggae singjay Shalkal believes that ingratitude is a catalyst for domestic violence and inter-personal conflicts in the Jamaican society.  “The single, ‘Ungrateful Maga Dog’ is centred around the scenario where people are helping people in need only for them to become ungrateful. That is a source of constant violence in our society. My song is […]

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Jenny Jenny faces Twitter backlash after interview with gay man

Jamaican Twitter went crazy today when broadcaster Jenny Jenny shared an impromptu interview with a gay man at a gym that sought to explore his relationship with his parents, the nature vs nurture process of “being gay” and his decision to come out and live as a gay, atheistic man. The voyeuristic, aw-shucks tone of […]

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