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Sashi Entertainment launches new app

Sashi Entertainment, best known for the Sashi Experience, a world-renowned concert series and experiential festival, is expanding its brand portfolio with a new global streaming platform called Sashi Entertainment Network (“Sashi”).

The new mobile and television streaming platform offers viewers a unique variety of premier Caribbean-focused content launching in over 176 countries including the U.S. Caribbean, Europe and Canada. At its core, the growing library features content from Caribbean filmmakers, creators, and artists as well as emerging talent. The catalog will also highlight the best moments in Caribbean culture with a variety of curated featured sections.

Sashi Entertainment founder and music executive, Horatio Hamilton partnered with entrepreneur and brand architect, Lexi Chow to midwife the app into life. Both Hamilton and Chow’s shared expertise will serve as dual co-founders and co-CEOs.

The arrival of the app could herald a major change in fortunes for Jamaican and Caribbean content creators and influencers who have become a major driving force shaping and showcasing the region’s culture and industries as it emerges into the 21st century.

“We are very excited after months of strategically building the platform, we can now share our own narrative of stories, and a glimpse into our beautiful, diverse culture!” Chow, the app co-founder, said.

“Our community has been underserved for a very long time and not enough recognition for all our contributions to the world. Not only are we paying homage to the architects of the culture, we are telling the foundational stories of the sound systems, the dj’s, the artists, carnival culture and the soul of the Caribbean. This platform is an engine for all who may lack resources and exposure on other established platforms.”

Content creation plays an important role in building brands, influencing consumer choice, and establishing brand recognition – a real boon when it comes to marketing Brand Caribbean. Horatio Hamilton knows only too well that Caribbean entertainers and content creators need an opportunity to compete on equal footing in a competitive global marketplace.


“Our platform provides a space that has been vacant and gives Caribbean entertainers, filmmakers, artists and all content creators an opportunity to flourish in a space dedicated to us,” Hamilton, who is also co-head of Sashi Entertainment LLC, said.

“Youtube caters to the world, we are catering to the Caribbean, we are giving a full spectrum of Caribbean culture so content like movies, documentaries and series don’t get lost in a sea of content.”

Sashi Entertainment LLC is a multi-media company with a portfolio of brands including Sashi Entertainment Network (“Sashi”), The Sashi Experience and the Caribbean Talent Agency. Sashi Entertainment is an ecosystem of dynamic interconnected platforms across streaming, live events and international location-based entertainment.


Approximately 4.5 million Caribbean immigrants resided in the United States in 2019, representing 10 percent of the nation’s 44.9 million total foreign-born population. Close to 90 percent of immigrants in the United States from the 13 Caribbean countries and 17 dependent territories come from one of four countries: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Haiti. The Caribbean population represents a potentially lucrative and under-served demographic.


“The media industry is experiencing a transformation with deepening demands for a cultural connection. The growth of OTT networks and mobile apps have also increased demand for niche content and the need for a singular place for Caribbean-centric content,” Chow, a co-founder of the app, said.

Sashi is currently available on Apple devices including iPhone and iPad; Google platforms and devices including Android™, Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices and releasing Android TV™ devices later this year. Sashi will offer a free tier subscription under the AVOD model and SVOD prices have not been revealed.

There are an estimated 9.1 million Caribbean people worldwide who are living outside of their native country and a growing number of cultural enthusiasts worldwide, the platform is projected to have over 1.1 million subscribers by the end of 2024. Sashi’s curated catalog and original programming continues to grow with authentic content that will in turn fuel subscriber growth, viewership and retention. Sashi aims to keep the diaspora connected to the pulse of the Caribbean.

“Reggae has always been at the helm of Caribbean culture globally and now we can bring a sense of identity across the diaspora. We want to provide a platform that magnifies the beauty, diversity, and inclusivity of our culture,” Hamilton said.

Sashi has also partnered with veteran filmmaker, director and writer, Cess Silvera (Shottas) for a slate of original content, including three projects that are currently in development.

“Sashi is gearing up to revolutionize the entertainment and content space,” Silvera said.

“Creatives like me will have an authentic voice and home where the narrative of our stories will be controlled by us and not some outside source. With several projects in the pipeline, I’m very excited for what the future holds for Sashi as a global player in media and entertainment.”

Exciting times, indeed.

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