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Teflon drops feisty new EP

Reggae artiste Teflon Young King is enthusiastic about the feedback to his new feisty EP, ‘Acknowledge Me or Not, Love Me for Me’.

“This mixtape is fire and ice with elements of hip hop, R & B, dancehall, reggae and a little trap for the youths dem, mi ah reach out to the world with reggae but the youths dem a get weh so we ah reach out to them with trap,” the Guns Rise deejay said.

Asked about his EP’s cheeky title, Teflon said: “The title is self-explanatory, either you acknowledge me or you don’t. The industry sometimes wants me to be someone that I am not, but the business has to love me for me. I am not going to change, so ah full time now, I am who I am, the young king.”


The EP, which will be released on his own Yaad a Love Records label on February 12th, will be distributed to digital streaming platforms via Distrokid. Producers on the project include Mafzee, Bread Back and most of the songs were mixed by Barkely. He took three months to voice the songs after the release of his previous album, Years A Pain.

The singles include North Pole, Mindset, Count Me In featuring Canadian-based singer Nadia Stone, Man of the Moment and Mama Proud featuring Erup. There are R & B-flavoured songs such as Questions and From That Day on the set. He has shot visuals for most of the songs which will be released on his VEVO channel. He has high hopes for ‘Mama Proud’.

“Erup ah like mi brother, is a great joy to work with him, no complications, it’s easy, Selassie I know. We have other songs together, which will forward later, even a remix of the single, North Pole,” he said.

He will be hosting a birthday celebration at Lalo’s in Fort Lauderdale on February 12th which will coincide with the mixtape’s release.

Teflon, whose given name is Shaniel Watson, emerged on the scene in 2003. He scored his first hit two years later with ‘Gun Rise’. His debut album, ‘Motherless Child’, was released in February 2009, followed by
the album, ‘Young King the Beginning’ which did well in The Netherlands.

He has previously released the EP, So Determine in 2018, and he dropped a 19-track album, ‘Years A Pain’, in 2021 which got initial Grammy consideration but failed to make the final cut.

He will be embarking on his Years A Pain US tour beginning April that will take him to major cities across the USA.

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