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Valiant and Kabaka square off over ‘Rasta’

It seems that “rasta a joke ting right now inna Jamaica”. Those were the words of The Kalling Grammy winner during a spat with current star-of-the-moment Valiant. Ten days ago, Valiant appeared to slight the Rastafarian community with his music video and song titled “Rasta” during which Valiant sings the hook, “Man a live like […]

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Valiant dominates Youtube top ten

The top ten songs in January were ranked as follows: Valiant and Stalk Ashley – NarcissisticValiant – Dunce ChequeValiant – Speed OffValiant – C.A.L. (Cut All Losses)Kraff – CalmcValiant – North CarolinaValiant – Glock 40Valiant – St. MaryValiant – BarbiesValiant – SianceAccording to Dancehall Mag’s reportage of YouTube stats for January, Valiant picked up 11.6 […]

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