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Stingablunt gets buzz with ‘Bull Dog’

Dancehall singjay Stingablunt is ecstatic with the positive reception to his latest song, the uptempo, infectious dancehall banger ‘Bull Dog’, which was released in September on the Bless Music Team label.

“The song has been getting great reviews in the streets so far, and that just makes me feel good. The song is now on all the local mixtapes, and there are plans to shoot a video because ah the reaction to the riddim and the lyrics, the people dem love it, it can go viral,” Stingablunt, whose real name is Devron Johnson, said.

Given the feedback in the streets, he is fast-tracking a video for the racy song this month.

“The song ah go hard, it kinda surprise me at first but it well catchy,” he said.

Stingablunt, who is known for the single, ‘Bubble’ , produced by Knatural Entertainment, is now gearing up to release a raft of singles during the last two months of 2020.

“Although the pandemic has affected the industry, there are signs that restrictions will ease for Christmas so I am going hard so I can start off 2021 with a bang,” he said.

Other singles which he will be pushing include the racy ‘Good Luck’, the hardcore ‘Beat Up’, and the witty ‘My Money’. Stingablunt writes all of his own songs.

“I am looking to carve out a space for myself in the music business,” he said.

Born in Portland, Jamaica, he was raised by his grandmother for several years as his mother was overwhelmed because she had to raise 8 kids, six of whom were boys by herself. He eventually moved to Kingston for his teenage years, then Montego Bay before heading back to Portland.

“It was really rough growing up without my parents but it taught me to be resilient and strong,” he said.

He landed a job working at a villa in Montego Bay, St. James and then his luck changed. He got the opportunity to live in the United States, and while there, he reunited with his father who had left the family when the singjay was only two years old.

He endured hardship and struggles while living in the USA, and even lived in an abandoned house during the middle of a brutal winter for six months.

“I have come out of the bottom of the belly of the beast and achieved and made it, so if I can make it, anyone can make it,” he said.

Today, he has a successful construction business in the USA while still doing music in his spare time.

“Music is and will always remain my first love, and I am just glad that the people are responding to my lyrics and energy,” he said.

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