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Sevenz generates major buzz with ‘100 Million’

Dancehall artiste Sevenz is on the verge of a major breakthrough as his single , ‘100 Million’ , produced by Dunrich Muzik, is generating a major buzz in the streets.

The get-money song, accompanied by sparkling visuals, was released a week ago and has racked up over 10,000 views already.

“The feedback has been incredible so far, crazy people ah link me and ah say the ting show, the whole Santa Cruz, Junction, the whole parish ah say Sevenz,” the artiste whose real name is Neil Orr, said.

A resident of Santa Cruz located in the fabled ‘bread basket’ of St. Elizabeth known for farming, Sevenz is one of a new vanguard of artistes along the south Coast pushing the dancehall trap subgenre which is obsessed with ‘chapping’, hustling, extravagant cars and flashy lifestyles.

“Chopping songs are popular in the entire island, if you check the ratio, everybody ah sing chapping songs, it is just the in-ting, everybody ah sing chap music even inna the Bread Basket of St. Elizabeth, every bar play chap music, ah the in ting,” he said.

He recorded his first single in 2013, a collab with Lava, but he did his first professional song in 2019, and he has not looked back since, honing his skills by logging several hours in the studio. Sevenz is best known for ‘Not a Chop’.

Before the pandemic, he gained a decent underground following with impressive performances at events such as 51/50 hosted by BroBro Ent in Kingston, and others such as Ignite Brunch, Dip and Igloo in St Elizabeth. He believes that his career trajectory has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic but he remains optimistic.

“If it wasn’t for the COVID, I would have got a bigger buzz. it is a big disadvantage not only to the music, but the economy, no party, no entertainment, but mi ah gwaan cope, but I am working with the social media platforms and get my songs out there. Mi ah fighter,” he said.

He explains how he got the unusual name, Sevenz.

“A friend of mine used to call me 876 in 2014, but because of the long numbers, my boss Ravers say guess wah,’ take off the 8 and 6 and just say Sevenz’ , and thats how it is from then until now, Sevenz,” he said.

Sevenz grew up in St. Elizabeth where he attended Lacovia Primary and the Lacovia High school where he graduated and went on to further his studies in business subjects.

Some of his recent releases include History, Levels, Top Choppa, Inna Di Honda, and Gyal Zone.

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