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MP caught in domestic violence abuse video probe

Gender and Culture Minister Olivia Grange, has condemned a video showing a violent confrontation between a man and a woman, which, allegedly, involves a member of parliament.

The video has been circulating on social media

In a release this afternoon, Grange said she has discussed the video with Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang and that he has asked the police to investigate the matter.

Grange said she is “deeply disturbed” by the video and the allegation that an MP was involved.

“The Government is firmly against acts of violence. This video is deeply disturbing and completely unacceptable. We cannot condone any act of gender-based or family violence; we cannot turn a blind eye,” she said.

“I keep saying that we can end the violence, but it requires all of us to end the violence; and that means that we each have a role to play in ending the violence. We have to intervene in what we know happens next door and we have to make a report,” she urged.

She said the government will continue its campaign against gender-based violence.

“…we have to develop a mindset and practise in Jamaica that there is no excuse for abuse,” she said.

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