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Mavado responds to his son’s murder conviction

Dancehall star Mavado aka ‘The Gully Gad’ has responded to last week’s heartbreaking Supreme Court verdict last week that found his teenage son, Dantay Brooks, guilty of murder.

In a statement posted to Instagram on Wednesday, the singer first expressed “gratitude to all the fans, friends and family who said positive and encouraging words throughout this terrible time.”

“Corruption corruption corruption Jah know star!” Mavado declared.

He then launched into a broadside against his old nemesis, the Jamaica Constabulary Force, decrying the police’s handling of the case, and disparaged the testimony of the main witness – the father of the deceased – during the 12-day trial.

“Some ppl are so f–king wicked how could a man change his statement over 4 times, even went on the stand and said that the police alter his statement,” he said.

The case was presided over by Justice Leighton Pusey.

“The police came to my home and took my son from my house in Norbrook, lock up 5 other family members for no reason, which resulted in two of my family members losing their jobs because they were in jail for days without any charges. This man also went on the stand and said that these same police officers who carried out the arrest of my son & my family from my home are working for me and he feared his life,” Mavado added.

Mavado poured cold water on the veracity of the main witness’ assertions in court.

“The same man who claimed he feared his life, still gave over 14 pages of statements? The inconsistencies inna this man statement only shed light on the corruption.”

The singer, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, also promised “to fight for the lives of these two innocent youths.” He released a song three weeks ago called ‘Not Perfect’ which seemed to reminisce about his past decisions , an effort that has racked up over 1.2 million views

The legal team plans to appeal the teenager’s murder conviction in the Court of Appeals. Brooks, 18, was also found guilty of illegal possession of firearm and arson in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston. His co-accused, Andre Hinds, was also found guilty. They face possible life sentences when they are sentenced on March 10th.

The two were arrested and charged in connection with the grisly killing of Lorenzo Thomas in the St Andrew community of Cassava Piece on June 5, 2018.

Prosecutors led with evidence that Brooks and Hinds were among five men who entered the house and shot Thomas before pushing his father into another room. Thomas’ killers attempted to sever his head, but aborted that plan because the machete was too dull.

They then poured gasoline on the house and body before setting them on fire.

Prosecutors relied on the eyewitness testimony of Thomas’ father, who indicated that he knew his son’s killers from the community.

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