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Amari shows off her new bod at the beach


Social media personality and soon-to-be Queen of the Dancehall A’mari “Dj mona lisa” broke the Internet with videos of her sprawled on the beach in a revealing swimsuit. She showed off her curves in a two-coloured one-piece bathing suit with her long burgundy hair kissing the centre of her back


She had been showing off her new bod to mixed reactions from social media users. She has lost more than 150 pounds in a dramatic body transformation that has stunned social media users who have either expressed concern that she has lost too much weight or being impressed at just how great she looks for her age.


After she shared the video on Instagram on Saturday with her song Money Laugh playing in the audio and “Upmove!” as the caption, some viewers reacted by saying, “Looking like little mermaid,” “Mad she a mad out,” and “You look good Amari.”

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