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Cadaver dogs scour Rivoli for dead bodies

Cadaver dogs are now scouring a wooded patch of land in Rivoli, St Catherine after investigators found what appears to be human remains in the area. Following up on intelligence leads, investigators went to the area on Tuesday morning and, after hours of searching using cadaver dogs, the remains were found. At least two bodies […]

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Dancehall artiste Cashan has high hopes that her ‘Self-Perception’ EP will improve the plight of young girls from poor neighbourhoods who develop self-esteem issues because of psychological or physical abuse while growing up. “Confident women don’t let anyone—men or other women—trash talk or undermine their dignity. They make their own choices about self-identity and to […]

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Bounty Killer’s Black benz a beat dem bad

Bounty Killer posted an image of his new brand new black Mercedes Benz. The Warlord’s caption praised the new beast of a ride and didn’t seem malicious in any way. He wrote, “Mean Machine toll road no old road Grung Plane,” before dropping a plane icon. Many of the deejay’s coworkers, such as Natel, Konshens, […]

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