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Stefflon Don claps back with Dead Gyal Walking

Wait! Hold your horses! The clash is not over. Well, at least, somebody forgot to tell Stefflon Don.

HATE IS NATURE’S MOST PERFECT ENERGY SOURCE. It is safe to say Stefflon Don must hate Jada Kingdom to say the shit she is saying about her on this latest salvo.

The Hurting Me singer pulled no punches on her latest diss song, Dead Gyal Walking, a song where she shows the full range of her artistry with several different flows, menacing grunts and deliciously wicked diss lines that will set the Internet on fire.

She unveils the whole file on Jada Kingdom with allegations that her having sex of ‘ten man weh u tek fi US$10,000 with ten men’, getting married to music insider Verse Simmonds for her papers, Jada’s alleged bi-sexuality and even allegations that she tried to have sex with Stefflon’s gay cousin.

High points of the diss track include a pre-chorus which begins ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star…’ and clever lines where she declares: “mi waan pop corn like me name Toni’.

‘mi remember when mi bredda say yu lick the powder/yu pop Molly, mix it with a little soda/stink p—–y yu have a little odour/and yu f—k the dread Sosa’

The fans reacted positively to the new track.

One wrote: ‘”No 🧢 this is what you call a real come back! She actually came for war! A real diss track ! No 🧢 make sure you be honest when you leave comments The don has spoken ❤️’.

Another said: “I don’t care for a (lyrical) war, but there is a certain level of joy in seeing Steff step up to the plate and show the range and genius of her artistry. Her pen game is diabolical 💐💐💐. I could hear the Tommy Lee influences in this (like I heard the Kartel influences in Dat A Dat), and the flow changes kept me interested in the upcoming bar. Absolutely love the Popcaan-Toniann bar, and just the clarity and conviction in her delivery of every line. I’m happy those previously.”

Mr. Lexx must be somewhere laughing because on Tuesday, he wrote on IG that dancehall ‘needed’ this war.

He wrote: ‘Nutten more intriguing dan two bad artist a go at it. And I mean people with talent. These two girls could’ve given us a really entertaining clash. Thing is… it can’t be friendly. And that’s where self control and a good team comes in’.

However, not everyone is pleased at the level of vitriol being exchanged between two of the industry’s top females. Sean Paul wrote: ‘Women nuh fi talk so @stefflondon @jadakingdom Live better my sisters. Doe Follow Di WASTE DEM.’

Dutty Paul clarified further: “Men get heated. U calm us down. How can we calm down if y’all doing dat 2. 2 Beautiful black women. Live betta. Set a beta egsample pls for the culture.Mah beg uno.”

In the meantime, Rastafarian deejay Anthony B dropped a song online, Wha Dat on the Dutty Money riddm. He deejays: Mi never hear Taylor Swift ah war Lady Gaga/mi never hear Mariah wah war Madonna/So why we always ah set up black woman fi war each other/What is wrong with Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom?/mi nuh love it when a black woman get bring down….dancehall nuh waan that kinda syndrome’.

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