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Rygin King denies gun-brandishing rumours


Serious allegations emerged online today that Rygin King brandished a gun, and threatened one of his babymothers after a heated exchange between the two about a family-related matter.

He flatly denied the allegations.

“Social media is a creative world yu nuh so ah create dem a create things over de so, ah reality mi a live. Yu have some people who can’t get fi dem way, so dem a try some way but mi nah go answer dem cause ah dat dem waan me fi do,” Rygin King told

He was responding to a leaked voice note which is circulating online of a heated exchange between the two has set tongues wagging. In the voicenote, the Therapy artiste is accused of threatening the woman in a reportedly leaked voice note.

“Wah happen to Troopa daughter happen to yo.. ramp wid mi cah yuh mussi swear..Dead yah go dead mek mi tell yuh dat. Must feel like mi in a nuh chatings wid yuh,” a voice alleged to be Rygin King stated in the clip in what appeared to be edited portions of a running conversation.

However, Rygin King challenged the authenticity of the clip.

“Mi not even de near none ah dem people de, dem a try mek a scene outta nothing, ah big rumours mi bredda,” he said.

According to the woman, while in the care of his father, her son had lost a tooth and acquired bruises on his face, which the artiste is said to have explained were from a fall. Harsh words were then reportedly exchanged between the two.

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