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Prohgres impresses with What’s Life

Dancehall artiste Prohgres is pumped up about the enthusiastic response to his latest hit, ‘What’s Life’, which was released on the Teemaine Records/Headake Records imprints in July 2020.

“I wrote ‘What’s Life’ based upon my personal experiences with people pretending to be friends but deep down realizing later they are envious of you and want to see you fail. The times we are living in now people are so perilous and evil so I am just trying my best to send out this important message so people can look into their lives and be more careful of who and what they focus their energies on because not everyone that comes around should be around,” Prohgres reasoned. 

The single’s promotion has been boosted by the release of a video that is racking up excellent views on the video sharing platform, Youtube. 

“The response to the song and video so far is good . I just wish  one day the massive will appreciate my music more because I am doing this from my heart,” he said. 

Prohgres postponed his plans to release an EP because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Right now, I am just focusing on building my fanbase some more, then at a later date, I will put out a body of work,” he said. 

Prohgres is pleased that he is finally getting the recognition for his commitment to releasing uplifting, socially-conscious music. 
“Well, I’ve seen a boost  in my online and social media numbers since the release of ‘Break the Chains’ so I know  slowly but surely, I will get the recognition…I am aiming for greatness and I know now that greatness takes time,” he said. 
Born Richard Gordon, Prohgres grew up in Discovery Bay, St. Ann. Known for his ability to turn everyday life into hit songs, recording artiste Prohgres has made a mark with singles such as the chart-topping ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Break The Chains’, ‘Vision’ featuring Chronic Law, and ‘Blue Tick’. Attachments area

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