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Teejay ‘Drifts’ apart from Dj Mac after fallout over who owns the Summer banger song. DJ Mac sent under his matriarch by TEEJAY


It was only a matter of time. Dancehall star Teejay has fallen out with producer DJ Mac over the single, Drift after the latter’s management team reportedly called Warner Music to lodge a financial claim against the song.

Taking to IG Live, Teejay lambasted DJ Mac.

“Yah go have your people dem now a reach out to Warner Music a tell Warner Music how a your song bro? Yuh never build the rhythm bro, a Panda build the rhythm bro…,” he said.

The Owna Lane singer even went so far as to suggest that it was Dj Mac’s management team that was generating the bad energy.

“And if a yuh likkle people weh yuh sign to nowadays bro, mi never even want it reach yah so fi feel seh a people a program yuh or dem thing deh but bro, you and Panda never have no agreement to the song.If yuh feel like seh a money we get offa the song, nobody nuh get no money offa the song.”

The song is part of a the Banga Rock compilation which features Badness Upgrade by Chronic Law, Flames Rock by Kaka Highflames, and Tan Suh by Dystans.

According to Teejay, the producer known as DJ Mac is now trying to claim ownership of the hit single Drift.

Drift is easily one of the biggest dancehall songs released since the start of 2023. He said DJ Mac knew nothing of the song when it was being produced or recorded.

“Panda link me seh him waa be a producer, but it ago tek alot fi him, so me seh yow Panda no problem, me stay so and voice Drift, me Timoy Jones voice that inna Don garage inna Miami.”

He said he was the one who initiated contact with DJ Mac over the song.

… If me call yuh phone and put yuh pon my song, why yuh feel mi woulda get money and nuh give you money?All a text mi phone a tell mi bout ‘memba who yuh get strength from’… Yuh never buss Teejay. Mi have Rags to Riches, mi have Owna Lane, how much song before yuh… Yuh too badmind. Yuh too corrupt youth and yaa vampire.”

“Yuh dweet to the next youth weh produce Speed Off..ya too f–k up, bro.Oonu a vampire inna Dancehall…when yu si the youth them ah rise ‘low the youth, DJ Mac.”

Drift has racked up over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and the video has attracted 5.3 million views.

“Go s_ck out yuh madda Mac batty bwoy yuh eva buss Teejay,” Teejay spat, before suggesting that he should have ‘boxed’ DJ Mac for his disrespect.

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