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Neleesi ready to rep ‘Classy’ girls

Dancehall artiste Neleesi is pumped up about the reaction to her latest song, ‘Classy’, produced by Khalfani Records.

“ The inspiration behind this song is that I always wanted an anthem to represent females who carry themselves in a classy manner, I overheard few men talking about how terrible a woman carried herself and I didn’t like it so i hope this can inspire other people or women to be more classy!” the spunky deejay said.

The song will be officially released on November 4th. She song has been leaked in the streets and the clubs and on the local mixtape circuit to gauge audience response.

“Everyone is saying the song has a real vibe, and they can’t wait to see the video,” she said.

Neleesi is currently working on an EP which will include previously unreleased songs.

“I have a few tracks for it already but it won’t be completed until early next year. I am focusing on doing a ‘classy’ video for my popular new song and awaiting the release date,” the artiste whose real name is Jonelle Shanna Pitkin, said.

She grew up in the Manley Meadows area of Kingston and I attended the Donald Quarrie High School.
She was always fascinated with music while growing up. While in high school, she began writing songs and visiting studios with other friends.

“ I got involved seriously right after I left high school when my sister brought me to PayDay Alliance camp and it all started from there, meeting new people and so on,” she said.

She released her first single ‘Summertime’ in July 2013 under her first name, Jonelle.

“My stage name had to be changed from Jonelle because of a conflict with another female artist overseas with the name Jhonelle. At one point when i tried releasing music under my real name it would be flagged or taken down,” she explained.

She changed her name to ‘Neleesi’ to differentiate herself.

“I still wanted my stage name to represent a part of my name and I didn’t want to choose a random name or title so that is how I came up with Neleesi,” she explained.

She is seeking to expand her horizons in 2022 and beyond.

Open your mind. Let Neleesi follow.

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