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High-Grade Jamaican Leaf lighting up local industry


High-Grade Jamaican Leaf is lighting up the local Roll Your Own (RYO) Tobacco industry with its innovative packaging, and excellent line of products.

The principals involved are the siblings Brandon Cargill and Krystal Cargill.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf only uses the finest hand-selected premium tobacco that is packaged in Jamaica. Our leaf is dark brown and produces a very intense smooth flavor, one of the only tobacco brands that has a wide range product line,” Brandon Cargill said.

“We currently do not offer any marijuana strains. Just tobacco products and non-tobacco accessories,” Mr. Cargill said.

Some of the product line includes tobacco wraps, honey leaf cones, doob tubes, metal rolling trays, pocket ashtrays and the brand’s signature High-Grade Jamaican Leaf Pre-Crushed Grabba.

“Our products are amazing,” an effervescent Brandon said.

The product is distributed currently throughout the Caribbean and United States.

Cannabis is an industry with a growing user base as states and countries move to legalise, particularly for medical needs. But it’s also becoming increasingly competitive to operate in, and consolidation is beginning to take shape.

“We could not be more passionate about this company and are dedicated to doing everything the right way,” stated Krystal Cargill. “It is extremely important to us to treat cannabis with the reverence it deserves.”

Krystal believes that ‘brand awareness’ is the biggest challenge facing High-Grade Jamaican Leaf to this end, the company is currently working with local talent in Jamaica to build recognizability in the marketplace.

“We are trying to be market leaders in everything we do from our packaging to our marketing strategies. I believe the industry needs to move beyond simplistic branding strategies like the leaf and that companies should see themselves as lifestyle brands and not simply tobacco products, and that’s what we are at High-Grade Jamaican Leaf, a lifestyle brand,” Ms. Cargill said.

Mr. Cargill’s own personal experiences informed her decision to get involved in the industry.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf was born from my earlier experience with smoking cigars and strong interest with the rich history behind tobacco rooted in Jamaican culture. I quickly took a liking to cigars but noticed there was a lack of quality when it came to Roll Your Own tobacco and tobacco paired with cannabis,” she said.

He observed that most RYO tobacco companies used a low-quality leaf that offered a less-than-stellar experience. He moved quickly to remedy this problem.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf was created to consistently provide premium tobacco and tobacco products by using hand-selected high quality dark tobacco for a noticeable, different premium user experience,” he concluded.

You can learn more by checking out the company’s website :

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