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Man stabs woman, runs over her with car

The family of a mentally ill woman from Lionel Town wants justice after a domestic dispute between the woman and her alleged spouse left the woman dead.

Relatives say the couple got into an argument sometime after 10 o’clock with the man. They further stated that he took the woman to Salt River where it is alleged that he stabbed her several times before running her over with his vehicle and left her for dead.

“No matter what Apple (the mentally ill woman) do him never have to do her so because him know say Apple mentally ill. Him know say she is a sick woman, him and everybody know say she mental and him still go in a relationship wid her,” said a visibly angry family member.

According to a police source, the man was also beaten by passers-by who saw what transpired and he had to seek treatment at hospital. The woman died on Saturday.

The man is yet to be charged.

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