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Lorraine Ferguson leads C.E.M.I into new frontiers

It takes a lot of hard work to be a boss. It takes a lot of patience to run a record label. It takes a lot of guts to compete in a male driven industry like entertainment. Well Lorraine Ferguson has defied all the odds and is actually giving back to her culture while managing and producing young acts. Lorraine walked away from the corporate world to start her own business and pursue her dreams. Like everything else in life for her she just simply saw it as her divine right to uplift her people and guide them while in the pursuit of being great.

The label and outfit is called C.E.M.I. their motto is “nurturing and enabling talent through music and raising champions”. With a range of talented acts from singers to sing jay and raw Dancehall artist she seems to have a solid roster where she can raise champions (take note of the motto). She made it clear they are in early stages of her five year plan and where she wants to go with the label and brand. The companies latest project is out now for the festive season and she’s proud of her line up of acts that are each releasing their singles under the banner.

Enzo Kingston Bwoy – “Bad Like Me”
J.Savage – “Complicated”
Real V.I. – “Everything Right”
Untamed 1- “Dont Know”
Ras Pandam – Merciful
Seanresy – “Fly Away”

Each single is one that represents the act and what they’re about. She allowed her acts to be themselves and by listening to tracks like “Everything Right” by artist Real V.I. is a such a melodic song that belongs both in the Dancehall and on the radio. So each track does have it’s own signature touch.

ONErpm is responsible for distribution of these singles. Let’s support CEMI as a unit and let us also support our fellow Jamaican women and organisations whether private sector or public sector that want to take time out and give back to the youths of Jamaica.

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