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Amari defends Vybz Kartel, pleads with government to get him immediate help


Social media blogger Amari “Dj Mona Lisa” has criticized the Jamaican government for its handling of the health situation of incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel’s deteriorating health.

“We’re not saying free Kartel, we’re saying make sure that he gets help in regards to his health ’cause when it reach ABC news, it make Jamaica look bad,” Amari said.

She advised that Kartel should be given “immediate help” and that the Department of Correctional Services should call in its own medical team to examine Kartel’s situation and ensure that he did not die in prison.

“We are talking about someone who has been in jail, making hits after hits, still calling on God, still a motivator for children and for everyone, someone who don’t give up and this is someone who is known on the internationally, he is not someone who should not be ignored like this, disrespected like this…it should not seems as if he is not important,” she said.

It emerged last week that Vybz Kartel, the incarcerated Dancehall star is suffering from an autoimmune disorder known as Graves’ disease which, coupled with two heart conditions, makes his present situation “life-threatening.”

If left untreated, Graves’ disease can lead to heart rhythm disorders, changes in the structure and function of the heart muscles, and the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to the body (heart failure).

Broadcaster Lisa Evers of FOX5NY said she had obtained a sworn medical affidavit from Vybz Kartel’s private doctor, endocrinologist Karen Phillips, which outlined that the Dancehall star has been battling Graves’ disease for seven years and that despite being treated, it has not gone into remission.


Evers also revealed that the 47-year-old deejay has two heart conditions that are getting worse, and that, without surgery, “he could die.”

“This is not any and anybody asking for help, this is Vybz Kartel, Mr. Prime Minister, you need to do something about this,” Amari, who is known for the hit single, Neco, said.

“Mr. Holness, if you had a son in jail with a heart problem, wouldn’t you want to see him get help? Andrew Holness, the world is watching you and see what is going on with Mr. Kartel, we are watching and me ah go see what you going to do about it. If Vybz Kartel should die in jail, woe be unto you because yu nuh haffi know if certain people ah enemy, you can tell by their actions,” she said.

Amari outlined the hypocrisy and scant regard with which politicians deal with members of the entertainment industry, using them when it is expedient to do so, and ignoring them at other times.

“Why these people in government call on artistes to give them dubplates?. You call on me for a Neco dubplate, when oonu a run election, oonu call on the artistes dem, why these artistes can’t call on you? The man has been in jail for all this time for a crime he said that he has not committed and yu have him de, have him de, until it just seem feel like a personal ting but let the law deal with that. But it is making international news right now that Vybz Kartel is sick,” she mused.

Amari called on the authorities to intervene to ensure that the deejay did not die in prison.

“Andrew Holness, What are you going to do about it? Holness, it is totally inhumane for someone to be sick in jail and you don’t make sure that they are taken of…that they get full medical, professional guidance for their care and needs,” she said.

“He needs to be flown to Miami, if he has a heart problem, If someone as young as him has a heart problem, you must know it is very serious. How yu a go home and a nyan pork and ah sit back and take up remote and know that time is ticking away and that Kartel needs to be in a facility with the best professionals to take care of him.”

Two of Kartel’s two closest colleagues Spice and Popcaan lamented his alleged mistreatment at the hands of prison authorities. Popcaan took to Twitter on behalf of his former mentor.

“Free up Adidja Palmer!! Give that man another chance at life. Jah Jah know!” tweeted the Unruly Boss.

While Spice, who is known for the collabs Conjugal Visit and Romping Shop with Vybz Kartel, wrote: “Prayers for @vybzkartel STAY STRONG… I LOVE YOU KING #FreeWorldBoss… How can you lock a man down for 23 hours every day in a poorly ventilated area knowing his health issues, just because you find a cell phone on his block? So wah happen, a him alone have to pay the consequences for the entire block? JAH JAH.”

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