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Kan10t chronicles the rise of the ‘Big Thief’


Dancehall artiste KAN10t is generating rave reviews for his latest single ‘Big Thief’ which captures the spirit of Anansi-ism that runs like a fault line throughout the Jamaican society

“I have got great feedback so far on the song, as it’s a smooth song to listen while driving. My inspiration behind this song is to document the fast life that we are living and the spirit to reach for the stars, work hard for that money so that you can have all that you desire,” the artiste whose real name is Romario Watson, said.

KAN10t defended the song, saying it doesn’t celebrate criminal activity.

“This song is not endorsing criminals or criminal activity, it’s an uplifting song encouraging individuals to go chase after their dreams,” he said.

The single was released on July 15, 2023 on the Binodon Entertainment label with visuals which have racked up over 90,000 views.

He grew up in the Seaview Gardens community where he attended the Seaview Garden Primary school and then the St Andrew Technical High School where he graduated with 5 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects.

“It wasn’t easy growing up it was challenging at time but we stay firm and still fighting to get out of this ghetto dungle that what I called it,” he said.

He was attracted to music and made his name performing at local community stage shows. He crhistened himself ‘KAN10t’ and dedicated himself to mastering the fundamentals of the Dancehall Game.

“I got the name KAN10t through an interesting story. I have to give credit to my friends, Ajusdivybzmusic, Freshrhymes and Gahlexi for create the name and the product Kant10t. A friend of mine was selling perfume and Fresh said we ago choose yuh name today and took up one of the perfume and said yuh name ‘fragrant’ and me just laugh and then he said yuh name content.,” he related.

Kan10t added his own creative flourishes to the name ,and the rest, was history.

“After that, we style ‘content’ with the k and the number ten and there goes KANT10T which means “in state of peaceful happiness” and I am a well contented individual,” he said.

He recorded his first single, “Bleed”, a tribute to one of his friends who passed away in 2020. The song wasn’t released but the young deejay pressed ahead, and scored his first official release, ‘Bad Gyal’ produced by ajusdivybzmusic.

The song, which was released on November 4, 2020, announced his arrival on the dancehall scene, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He scored his first major hit with Born Choppa, and then 2 Phone, both of which racked up over 2 million views on Youtube. He has followed up with the powerful Big Meech, arguably his biggest song to date, which tells the story of the rise of a young hustler, earning him a wave of new fans while registering almost 3 million views on Youtube.

He has continued to churn out the hits with songs like Big Ball Game. Overall, he has generated 0ver 13 million streams overall on YouTube and over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

He has now turned his attention towards completing an EP called ‘Created by Pain’.

“This will show a different side of KANT10T, tap into the pain side and give you a little reggae trap and the struggle that I came across in this music industry so basically is a true story that we are creating. Each video will have a storyline, I don’t want to give away all the secrets but look out for it soon the EP will name “Created By Pain” fully endorsed by the ESPN family,” he said.

He is booked for a show in August in the United Kingdom.

“I want to make smart moves, giving consumers the right music while motivating others to do better in life ,” he said.

Well said.

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