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J Man’s blood found at crime scene, court documents say

According to the court records obtained by Nationwide Radio, the G-City Gang is at odds with the Badbreed Gang triggering a major turf war in Lauderhill, Florida.

The conflict originated in Salt Spring, St James with the alleged leaders being Fredman for G-City and Marvin Brown otherwise called Ramos, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

On the night of October 19, at about 9:20 the Lauderhill Police responded to a double murder. Two men, who were wearing bulletproof vests and in possession of firearms, extension clips and ammunition were found dead. Both shot approximately eight times each in the head and face.

Witnesses say three men were at the location. Video evidence collected by the police indicate the men were showing off guns, including what appeared to be a rifle.

Surveillance footage has indicated three men were on the roadway when a black car pulled up. One of the men pulled a handgun but appeared to relax when a man in a black shirt, blue skinny jeans and a balaclava exited the vehicle. The man in the skinny jeans has since been identified as 26-year-old Jahreme Shelton, otherwise called J-Man. Records indicate he entered America illegally.

Greetings were exchanged and J-Man appears to have a brief conversation with the deceased before three other men alighted from the vehicle and opened fire at the gathering.

One of the men killed was shot directly in the head while J-man stood beside him. J-Man fell to the ground and then got up and ran to the back of the house. A blood trail was found matching the run made by J-Man. Returning to the vehicle, J-Man shot one of the men that was already lying on the ground before escaping.

After piecing together the sequence of events from surveillance videos in the area, the police were alerted that a man was dropped off at a hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck.

The police found initial probable cause to place J-Man at the scene after finding a similarity between the man on surveillance tape and J-Man’s Instagram account. The police also linked the clothes J-Man was wearing to the man in the surveillance tape. A subsequent DNA test on J-Man matched blood samples taken from three locations at the murder scene.

In court records, the police say they’ve been tipped off that Squashman, Freeman and J-Man were at the scene of the double murder. Police tips have identified the fourth man in the car as Rayman.

The police received a further tip that the ‘6ixx’ group headed by Squash, given name Andre Whittaker, has joined forces with a gang formerly known as Bushead, led by Fredman, to take on the Ramos-led Badbreed gang.

The two men killed have been identified by their aliases Muscle Man and Fordlawd in tips revealed by the police in the court documents. But, the police have withheld the men’s given names.

According to the court documents, Muscle Man is a gun for hire. Members of the G-City gang believed he tried to kill Squash on August 3 while Squash was negotiating a drug deal. They believed he was hired by their rival, Ramos.

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