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Intra gets buzz with ‘Whine It’

Dancehall artist “Intra” is banking on the success of his latest single, ‘Whine It’, song produced by Haitian American – based producer, Stryder Beats along with Jerry Wonda (Wonda Music).

Intra signed a digital distribution deal with the US-based Booga Basement, which was started by brothers Renel and Jerry Duplessis along with their cousin multi-platinum recording artist and producer Wyclef Jean.

“The response has been very encouraging so far, with over 4,000 plus album streams on Spotify, over 10,000 streams on Youtube, and the streets have been talking about the bounce, the fusion and the catchy lyrics,” Intra said.

The single is a fusion of Afrobeats and dancehall music creating a melodious, futuristic sound sparking energy as it refers to the variety of dancing styles originating from the Jamaican culture.

The official video showcases the rugged beauty of the Portland countryside, and depicts Intra hanging out with a sexy female lead. The single, released on the Booga Basement label, has been generating attention in the international market, as established producers have begun sending more beats his way.

Originally going by the name, ‘Intratek’ was soon changed as he continued to tune his craft to ‘Intra’. He has recorded singles and done engineering work with artists such as Esco, Aidonia and the 4th Genna Music before striking up a great friendship with Chronic Law. Intra is also known for the singles, Faith, Black Rain and Big 4 by 4 featuring Chronic Law.

“I don’t rush the creative process, I am aiming to sharpen my skills and produce quality records,” he said.

Born Dwight Burns Francis, the Calabar High School alumni admitted that he developed his appreciation for music while attending the institution, causing him to join the choir. He grew up in several communities in St. Andrew.

After emerging from a rough 2023 where he recovered emotionally from the death of his 64 year-old mother, Actavia Commock, Intra will be redoubling his recording efforts in 2024. Intra’s mother was a former employee of National Commercial Bank and in the 1980s, she was a telecom operator at Cable & Wireless.

“I took a break from music when my mother died, I had to, I was devastated when she died,” Intra said, “She had diabetes, she had high blood sugar and a case of pneumonia in the end. From when that happened, mi jus ease off for a while inna 2023. It’s been rough, but I am back now, and am here fighting the fight”.

Intra is known to the public for the success of his 2020 breakout single Round A 1 Part, but he has turned his focus towards breaking into the international market with his upcoming EP.

“The EP mostly consists of songs like Whine It, and I got a collaboration with emerging R & B singers, searching for that international breakthrough kinda vibe,” he said.

Intra is excited to expand his horizons in 2024 as he is continuing to hit the studio and work on his EP along with focusing on doing local shows around Jamaica to share his unique style.

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