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Gold Gad flexes with US$100,000 gold Benz

Gold Gad flexed his latest 2020 upgrade for the gram, showing off his Christmas present, a customised gold AMG C63 Benz that has all his haters shook.

He shelled out US$100,000 to detail and trick out his gold German muscle car for a “golden Christmas” present with all the fancy trimmings.

“Artistes out here just a do things regular, and a buy any car. Mi a buy supmn weh standout, this project cost me like US$100,000 to buy and clear and customize, this AMG C63 ah go lick dem chip a road,” he told one876.

The svelte car boasts rear-wheel-drive and a nine-speed automatic gearbox with propulsion coming from a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

“This gold benz is something I wanted from way back inna the day, and ah me name Gold Gad, so mi say anytime mi get a Benz, ah gold mi ah put it inna. The reaction in the street is that everybody know say ah me before dem even see me, and ah that ah before me even post the car. People ah ride me down and ah scream ‘Gold Gad’…how dem know say ah me inna it? I don’t know,” he said, laughing.

The New Scheme singer says that the car draws crowds wherever he goes.

It worse now when people know say ah me inna it, mi can’t stop inna the streets cause people ah crowd, bear pictures. Mi pull up ah Island Grill and the whole ah the worker dem stop and come outta road come out and take picture, one bagga sitten, pure excitement, ah the baddest Benz inna the place,” he said.

He said it was his Christmas present to himself, and he wanted to close off 2020 with a bang.

“I wanted the Christmas beautiful cause mi work hard yuzimme, mi run off the whole ah the year so we have to end it good, and how to end it good, which day fi end it good? Christmas man…Jesus birthday which is God, so that ah the reason why me say get it ready for mi Christmas present,” he said.

He said that the overwhelming support that he received via his channel, Gold Gad hub, generated funds that went towards the purchase of the top-of-class luxury vehicle. And even with the island’s high crime rate, Gold Gad is not worried that any opportunists might roll up on him thinking he is an easy target with his flashy ride.

“I am not poor. I can afford security and so I don’t roll alone. I roll presidential style,” he said.

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