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Ginjah declares his love with ‘My Job’


International recording artiste Ginjah has ignited the radio landscape with a song called ‘My Job’, a soulful rendition of what a man would do when he really loves a woman.

“Most women want to be loved unconditionally and they desire to see that love in action just as much as in words. So with this song, I am reaffirming my promise to my woman that my job is to take care of you. Mi will give her all my money, she will give me a little smalls back because I am the provider,” Ginjah reasoned.

The ‘Never Lost My Way’ singer said this song is a deliberate push to imbue the local music scene with positive songs that can uplift and repair the social fabric of communities.

“The artistes ah dwell inna the darkness for far too long? Wah about love, caring, affection and family…as music people, dem tek on the darkness too long. We need balance: morals, family values and simple humanity,” he said.

The song, which is released on the Newave Music record label, has been blowing up on FM radio since its release because of Ginjah’s sparkling vocals sang with powerful conviction.

“Most of the man who sing love don’t love no one. Mi ah show yu how me fight, with love. Mi ah be myself, ah love and truth make reggae an unstoppable force, and love is my truth. Everybody who hear this song feel it to dem core, there is nothing more powerful than a man’s commitment to his woman…it can move the world,” he said.


The song is being promoted by US-based Newave Records label, established in 2020, which is known for high quality productions such as the Shishenkeh rhythm, as well as the Never Give Up on Jah and Bleed rhythms.

Executive producer Clement Ross has also done a dancehall project with dancehall star I Waata but believes this ‘My Job’ single is his first bonafide hit.

“This is the best song I’ve done so far, always wanted to record Ginjah, he is one of my favorite artistes, everyone loved it the first time they heard this song, to how the song bad, mi just a run with it,” Ross said.

The project also features Turbulence with a song called Woman Yu Wicked. There are plans to shoot videos for the songs, Ross said.

In the meantime, Ginjah is gearing up to engage in a mini tour to promote the album, with gigs already confirmed for major US cities such as Detroit, Los Angeles and Dallas.

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