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Capleton scores big hit with ‘Gone Up’

Dancehall artiste Capleton is concerned that Jamaican consumers will be hit with higher prices for agricultural items within the next couple of weeks because of the devastating effects of Hurricane Breyl on farmers in the ravaged farmlands in the ‘bread basket parish, St. Elizabeth.

“Food is the staff of life, we cannot do without food and water. So we’re calling on the government to pay more attention to agriculture, prayers up for every farmer and Jamaican right now,” Capleton said.

Capleton believes that massive price increased could be coming for Jamaican consumers.

“The devastation in the farming communities is tremendous, the prices of agricultural products will be going up, crops have been destroyed, roads blocked, animals lost…so we need some relief for the poor, Jamaica is facing a difficult time, ” he said.

Capleton is promoting his latest single, Gone Up, which was produced by Control Tower Squad. Released two weeks, a video for the project has racked up almost 230,000 views so far.

“The song is very relevant, it is just about everyday struggles, the cost of living is always getting high, and this is a global phenomenon, look at the protests in Kenya, since the global pandemic, rent, bus fare, school fee, toll fee gone up, can’t believe every likkle ting gone up,” the Fireman said.


“This song is letting the people know it is not all about guzu, chopping the line or popping pills, education is the key, when mom and dad send you to school, make the best use of it.”

Jamaica is facing a difficult journey as it recovers from the recent hurricane. Economists say that there is evidence of higher paid prices for basic groceries in the aftermath of each storm that disproportionately impact lower-income communities in affected states in the USA. Low income families end up paying anywhere between one and five percent more relative to high income households for essential food and goods.

Capleton urged the government to encourage youth farming to create greater food security in the future.

“We need the government to give or lease land to the youths to farm because a nation that cannot feed itself is not a strong one. We shouldn’t be importing so many items, because it makes us vulnerable as a people,” Capleton said.

Capleton is known for hit songs such as “Number One on the Look Good Chart”, “No Lotion Man”, “Almshouse”, “Tour”, “Prophet” and “Cold Blooded Murderer”.

He landed a deal with Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Recordings which resulted in the Prophecy and I -Testament albums of the mid-1990s. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2003 for the album “Still Blazin” VP Records.

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