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Demarco ready for Yanique to ‘Bunx Pon It’

Dancehall artiste Demarco is gearing up to release a video for the hot new collaboration ‘Bunx’ Pon It’ with Yanique Curvy Diva.

Last month, the track was teased on Curvy’s and Demarco’s Instagram pages racking up thousands of impressions, and the track was sent to a select few DJs, and has already been getting rave reviews from music industry insiders.
“The anticipation is really high for the video, I did a very successful promotional run in Jamaica when I came to do the video and the feedback has been great from the disc jockeys, the mixtape selectors, people in the streets, and we got some amazing footage for the video, so right now, the thing hot,” Demarco said.   

The Curvy Diva, who was embroiled in a panty-removing controversy weeks ago, also believes that the song will be a huge success.

“I don’t rush the process because I prefer to release quality songs than quantity. Demarco is known for quality so when I got the invite to come to Atlanta to record with him I didn’t hesitate. I enjoyed making this song and I’m sure the ladies especially will enjoy ‘bunxing’ to it too,” Curvy Diva affirmed

The ‘Bunx’ Pon It’ single will be one of the tracks from Curvy Diva’s upcoming EP entitled ‘Under-Estimated’ which also includes additional collaborations with Kranium and Gage. 

In the meantime, Demarco is staying mum on whatever role a song he wrote may play in Rihanna’s highly anticipated ninth album.
“I can’t say anything about it yet, I don’t even know how that information even got leaked,” he said.
Last week, anticipation was ramped up on entertainment blogs and forms when Rihanna registered a new song called Private Loving with her music publisher BMI. The song was reportedly written by Rihanna and Jamaican dancehall artiste Demarco.

While fans are desperate for Rihanna to drop her ninth album, the star recently said she’s still working on recording the new material, so she doesn’t have a release date in mind yet.

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