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Davianah does not support Lila Ike’s linking of Jah to lesbianism


Controversial dancehall artiste Davianah has registered her disdain for Lila Ike’s cryptic tweets this week which seemed to suggest that the I Spy singer has come out as a lesbian.

Davianah posted a photo with a big red X scrawled over it with the message: ‘I Stand with Lila Ike Unconditionally’.

She captioned the post: Watch yaaaaa ……. unu haffi go report mi 100 time ….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

She continued: So many people asking me in my DMS where I stand. Well, here is where I stand I don’t. First of all when she was talking about ‘Touring not whoring’, she neva know a inna ppl bedroom she gone? Now people gone inna her bedroom,now what? While u looking down at whores, looking at u, eating cunt round a 1 part and wah come tell me bout Jah? Cant stand you mfs who do things jus for clout cause this haffi b a joke, she should have laughed at the person trying to expose her because I neva knw is a secret that u eat cunt.”

One user agreed: “Can’t mix Rasta with folly… That is a fact. It’s not a hate thing.”

Others challenged her, one said: stand up for yourself first. While another offered: “Bullying isn’t cute. Esp from you the professional victim.”

One user was particularly nasty, spitting: Go stand wid yuh career weh a batter fi life. Not even yuh father last name can help it tpc😕 You of all persons should understand freedom of choice and expression cuz that’s what your brother robbed u of before you could even find yourself as an adult.

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