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Capleton adds fire to Black Ice’s ‘Bun Dem’ remix

Reggae artiste Black Ice is confident that his incendiary collaboration, ‘Bun Dem’, alongside dancehall superstar Capleton is destined for success when it hits the airwaves this Summer. 

“Recording with Capleton was the experience of a lifetime.  The Iceman and the Fireman together on one record, that is a musical event of biblical proportion. So this track, ‘Bun Dem’ is to let the world know that Jah Fyah will always blaze,” Black Ice, whose real name is Gary Palmer, said.  

“The divine inspiration behind this song was to let the people know Jah Fyah will always burn! We are the two warriors set out to keep the spiritual and biological fyah burning cause in a time of good and evil, pleasure and pain, there will always be the ying and the yang, the Fire and the Ice,” he added. 

The single, ‘Bun Dem’ which will be released on all digital download platforms June 5th via the Yard Groove Music and KCMG labels. The song, which is featured on a dancehall-rap hybrid rhythm, is produced by Gary Palmer and Noel Grant. 

“The early feedback on the pre-released tracks has been awesome so far, especially from radio stations on the east coast and Jamaica. Right now, I can’t wait for the official release date to take it to the world, and even shoot a video with the Fireman,” he said. 

Black Ice will follow up the song with the release of ‘Represent’ featuring Nymron during the Summer. 

Black Ice did his first recording in 1999, a song entitled ‘Enemies’. After that, he released an album, Deliver Me (Yard Groove Records), in 2002 and followed in 2016 with Onward, which was featured on the soundtrack of the movie Out The Gate.

For years, he has been trying to make a name for himself in the United States and Jamaica. But now, he is seeking to tap into other international markets such as Africa and the Caribbean. He got some buzz with ‘We’re Lovers’, a sexy, soulful duet with Jamaican songstress Sophia Brown in 2019, and gained traction with the track, ‘Red a Red’.

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