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Brunch N Soca hits Police Officers Club on April 5th

Are you ready to wine up your bam-bam while munching on delectable delights? Then you will be one of a legion of patrons salivating over ‘Brunch and Soca’, a high-concept event that merges the elements of soca and brunch, offering a festive atmosphere, great food, and fantastic music for people to enjoy.

And the world loves the concept, so much so, that the promoters are exporting one of the most epic Carnival experiences to exotic locations all over the world. The next edition is slated for April 5th at the Police Officers’ Club in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

“Soca music is known for its infectious rhythms and joyful vibes, making it a perfect match for a lively carnival celebration. Brunch, on the other hand, is a popular social activity that brings people together over delicious food and drinks, that is a perfect concept,” Jonell “Hova” Goodluck aka the Brunch King, said.

Goodluck has built a strong brand with the series following editions in New York City and Miami in the United States, and several Caribbean territories, including Barbados and St Vincent, among others. Goodluck said the concept of combining brunch and soca as an event, mainly during carnival time, was inspired “by the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of soca music and the popularity of brunch as a social gathering”.

Now, it’s Jamaica’s time to enjoy the ultimate, premium-inclusive brunch experience.

The Brunch King said fans can expect a full tasting of their extensive menu, paired with an amped-up ambience, all at a pocket-friendly cost, promising to leave patrons with a wow factor.

“Jamaica, known for its rich, reggae musical heritage, and has recently shown a growing interest in soca music. By bringing the brunch and soca event to Jamaica, we aim to further fuel this embrace and allow Jamaicans to fully immerse themselves in the energy and excitement that brunch and soca brings,” Goodluck said.

On April 5th, the Police Officers Club will be transformed from entry to exit into the ultimate experience as Goodluck and his team brings patrons a fully stocked bar with all premium drinks, and a wide array of international and local, delectable cuisines.The event will provide a platform for local talent and entrepreneurs to shine, further supporting the growth of soca music in Jamaica and fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride among attendees.

“Patrons can expect an exhilarating celebration of Caribbean culture, filled with infectious soca rhythms,
lively performances, and a carnival-like atmosphere,” Goodluck said.

The event will move to Dubai for events between April 18-22, then St. Vincent on July 6th, and Barbados on August 2. Other shows are planned for Antigua, Toronto, Canada, Grenada, New York before climaxing with an event on October 11th in Miami.

One of the most surprising locales for the event is Dubai, a Middle Eastern city known for its luxurious lifestyles, strict religious beliefs and dazzling architecture.

“While soca music may not be considered huge in Dubai, it is present. There is a growing interest in the genre thanks to the West Indian/Caribbean presence in the city. The efforts of influential individuals in the soca industry have played a role in promoting and supporting soca culture, allowing events like brunch and soca to take place in Dubai,” Goodluck said.

Goodluck is intent on exporting soca to the far reaches of the globe.

“Taking the event “Brunch and Soca” around the world allows for the celebration of soca music and the unique experience of brunch to reach a wider audience. By bringing the event to different locations, it offers an opportunity for people from various cultures and backgrounds to come together and experience the joy and energy of the carnival atmosphere,” Goodluck said.

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