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Bossie Music welcomes Spotify expansion to Caribbean and Africa

Music producer Samuel Doman a.k.a Bossie, chief executive officer of US-based independent label Bossie Music, is pleased that the popular streaming platform Spotify is expanding its services to Jamaica, the Caribbean, and over 80 new markets over the world.

“This will help to put dancehall and reggae at its rightful place in the global music market. Reggae is one of the most powerful artforms, but a local artiste doesn’t have the same reach and numbers because certain markets were excluded before, so this move levels the playing field,” Mr. Doman said.

“As a producer, in a business sense,this could lead to boost in reggae music numbers and streams as the core black and brown audience for a lot of our artistes in the Caribbean and Africa will finally be on the platform , so that is good news for reggae music , and good news for Bossie Music.”

Originally from Rosetown, Kingston 13, Doman has been doing music for 17 years, and has worked with several reggae and dancehall artistes. Last year, he released the highly regarded Tear Drops rhythm project which featured artistes such as Renegad, Vijah, Worm Bass, lenn Hammond and Don Husky who scored a radio hit with ‘Ancestor’. The project was released on the Bossie Music label via all downloadable digital music platforms in April 2019.

“The Ancestor song is my biggest song so far, it got a lot of airplay in Jamaica, and in countries such as
Gambia, Kenya and Ghana. the Tear Drops rhythm was hugely successful in Africa, and some countries in South America,” Mr. Doman said.

Doman is currently based in New York City where he works with local and international artistes like Serebral and Pharaoh. He is currently promoting Serebral’s ‘Good By Herself’ which is in rotation.

He can be reached at, and IG: Bossiemusic, TWITTER: Bossiemusic and YOUTUBE: Bossiemusic.

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