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As murder rate explodes, Short Ghad warns ‘Nah Kill’


Dancehall singjay Short Ghad has an urgent message for the Jamaican society which is plagued by chronic high rates of homicide and domestic violence: don’t kill. The message is encapsulated in his new single, Nah Kill, which defends the principles of righteousness and non-violence.

“The inspiration behind the song was my thoughts of ‘how i could inspire the youths not to kill?’.The feedback has been great to the message in the streets and on the radio, and this is important because we have to change the badman culture in the island, it is the only way to get a better society for all,” the artiste whose real name is Conrad Williams, said.

The single, Nah Kill, was released on October 13th on Short Ghad Entertainment label.

The artiste grew up in between the parishes of St. Thomas and Junction, St. Elizabeth where he attended B.B Coke High school. As a teenager, he began to take music seriously, where he started to livestream on Facebook, playing songs and he was the first to stream Weddy Weddy live to the world. He migrated to Sweden where he started to work on his craft.

He was christened Short Ghad by artiste-producer Delly Ranks and he started to release music. Short Ghad scored a radio hit with the popular song, Feel Nice, from the album of the same name. The album was released in 2022.

“This Nah Kill was supposed to be on the album , so I feel the time is right to promote it as a single,” he said.

Short Ghad aka Short G has become a popular TikTok personality over the last nine months, amassing several thousand followers on his platform where he streams live and plays music from his catalogue and that of other artistes.

He has been promoting his singles, performing at events such as Boom Box Fridays and Stone Love Weddy Weddy.

He will be releasing a five track EP dubbed ‘One ah Mi’ on December 1, 2023. Some of the singles include the title One A Mi, Settle and the Afrobeats-inspired Do It Easy.

“It’s an EP for the females, with 90s style dancehall beats, original dancehall style with one crossover song, a mix of Afrobeats, hip hop and dancehall that has an international vibes,” he said.

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