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Amari “DJ Mona Lisa’ says doctors are “closely monitoring’ her health since Gully Bop’s death

Fans of Amari “Dj Mona Lisa” are concerned that her deep sorrow at the death of her beloved Gully Bop coupled with her recent rapid weight loss may create a dangerous health situation for her. They fear that her grief could send her spiralling into a deep depression.

However, the powerful social media blogger has moved to reassure fans that her doctors are closely monitoring her given the fact that she sometimes ‘forgets to eat’.

“Oftentimes I forget to eat and I cry a lot. It’s definitely affects my health. My doctors are closely monitoring me,” Amari told

Amari has lost a whopping 150 lbs. The Neko singer is now 120 pounds and is “healthy, confident and happy”. However, her ‘Goodies’, as her fans are called, regularly tell her on social media that she is going to the extreme.

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