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Sparky Diva electrifies with ‘Bad Madonna’

Dancehall artiste Sparky Diva is banking her success on her latest single, ‘Bad Madonna’, an uptempo dancehall song which references pop superstar Madonna who has sold over 300 million records

“While in studio vibing with Anju Blaxx when he told me I should dye my hair blonde so he showed mi a pic of an old school girl with her hair pon the side and her punk look so I immediately said ….that’s Madonna ! So bad Madonna’ and that’s how the song came about” she explained.

The song will be released on the Black State music label on June 28th.


Sparky Diva, whose given name is Giorgia Paladini, immersed herself in studying dancehall moves on YouTube and through classes across Italy before taking up residence in Jamaica. She is a big fan of the ‘rawness’ of the artform.

“Bad Madonna born as a raw song cause I love dancehall for its realness and freedom , I love it uncensored that’s why I felt in love with the culture at first. Bad Madonna is a classy example of how dancehall can be international as well breaking down some barriers and let women feel free to express themselves with the confidence that the song give and the dance connected to it ,” Sparky Diva said.

A video has been shot for the video and will be released at the same time.

“The feedback has been great so far . I’ve been posting a couple of clips on the IG and people went crazy over it,” she said confidently.

Born in Salento, Italy, Sparky Diva started dancing ballet at age 12 to resolve a posture problem and soon fell in love with the freedom and flexibility she felt through movement.

“Salento is a big reggae hub with major shows before the pandemic and it is a big seaside town so I grew up listening to reggae and when Jamaicans come to
Salento, they love the seaside vibe, they call it the ‘Jamaica Italy’,” the 27 year old said.

After being crowned Dancehall Queen in 2017 in a contest in Roma, she began traveling back and forth to Jamaica for 7 years before establishing herself here as a bonafide dancehall artiste.

She is known for songs like Bounce and Ride featuring Tremma Muzik.

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