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Pushing altercation between cop and soldier being investigated

Members of the public are concerned about a pushing altercation with the member of the JDF and the JCF at the check point in Denham Town on Sunday.

It is reported that on the date and time stated an unmarked motor vehicle with all windows up sped through the check point twice before with the driver failing to stop when he was signaled to do so by the soldiers and police who were on duty at the CP.

On the third occasion when the vehicle attempted to pass the check point again the metal barriers was pulled across the road way forcing the driver to stop. At this point,the constable who had a couple female companions in the vehicle protested that he was a police and was therefore exempted from stopping at the check point or any other check point . He then proceeded to verbally abuse the JCF and JDF members and made threats to the JDF personnel

He was admonished by the team of security personnel to include the JCF member but the unruly police constable continued to behave in a manner unbecoming of a member of the JCF. This was Despite he being encouraged to conduct himself in a manner expected of a member of the JCF But to no avail he then attempted to remove the barrier from the roadway it was at this time that he was prevented from doing so by the soldier who held on to the barrier.. this is when the pushing started as the police advanced towards the JDF member in a threatening and confrontational manner.


  1. At approximately 1945 hrs, information was received about a possible drive by shooting IVO of Hanna Town. This led to a series of VCP operations being executed in the Hannah Town environs and at the Rose and Hannah Static Point.
  2. At approximately 2000 hrs a White Toyota probox with Registration number 1219 KA was signalled to stop. The vehicle did not stop when instructed to so a member of the JDF shouted out saying “stop that car.” The vehicle was heavily tinted and seemed as if the driver was hesitant to stop, so he was instructed to turn on the roof light of the motor vehicle and switch off his engine.
  3. After about 10 seconds the driver of the Toyota probox exited the vehicle and said “, “guh suck yuh mada and stop point yuh gun Pon mi car” at this point it was realized that he was a member of the JCF, later identified to be 20692 Constable D THOMPSON, who was dressed in blue denim with the JCF emblem on the shoulder.
  4. Constable THOMPSON was cautioned and reminded that he is subjected to be searched within the ZOSO when traveling in his private motor vehicle.
  5. Constable THOMPSON went back into his private motor vehicle, slammed the door and drove off. At this point the barriers were still locked across the roadway so Constable THOMPSON exited his motor vehicle and attempted to remove the barrier that were in the road.

6.JDF/32107 Pte ALLEN, R started to caution Constable Thompson by saying “Sir do not remove the barrier” Constable THOMPSON responded by pointing his fingers towards Pte ALLEN’s face and said “pussyhole Soldier boy any how mi did have mi gun mi shoot u inna u face”

  1. Pte ALLEN instructed Constable THOMPSON to step back to which he did not comply, Constable Thompson continued to point his fingers in close proximity of Pte ALLEN’s face and shoved Pte ALLEN. Pte ALLEN responded by shoving Constable THOMPSON.
  2. Subsequently other members of the JCF arrived at the incident location and the matter was de-escalated.

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