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Real Tee steps up to push Real Real Records to the world

Dancehall artiste Real Tee is optimistic about the prospect of running his own independent label named Real Real Records even as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The talented artiste produces his own tracks and he has inked recording deals with US-based artiste Lady English alongside Jamaican artistes Higher Truss, Rastabiggz, and R Embassida.

He is aware of the challenges facing his fledgling label.

“It’s hard to be an independent label, we cannot afford large payouts, bonuses or large recording contracts, or large marketing campaigns or promotional tours to help build awareness of your work. This can make it more difficult to build a name for yourself and sell your records, but independent labels give the artist more creative control over their music which is a blessing in these times,” Real Tee, whose real name is Andrew Powell, said.

Indie label contracts are known to be artist-friendly and these labels. tend to give artists a larger royalty percentage than major labels.

Real Tee is putting his promotional muscle behind his latest project, the All Time rhythm, and the Higher Hits rhythm.

The All Time project features R. Embassida on a song called Fruits, Rastabiggz with Juggling, and Real Tee with Good Herbs, while on the Higher Hits rhythm, Real Tee delivers ‘Hurry Up’ featuring Lady English and Higher Truss shows up with a song dubbed Vibes is Right.


Real Tee is enjoying juggling both productions and artiste duties. He is now generating a big buzz for a pair of songs, one of which is the vibesy ‘Girlfriend’ and the risque club banger, ‘Bend Back Brave’ on producer Jordan McClure’s latest project.

“The Bend Back Brave is doing well in Philadelphia and along the eastern coast in the Jamaican and black communities,” he said.

Powell began doing music at a tender age while attending Bombay Primary school in Manchester. He began to attend dancehall parties where he would share the stage with Culture Nox and Luciano and developed a reputation as a child prodigy. He attended Bellfield High and after graduation, he visited friends in Kingston 11, where his mom lived at the time.

He started his first group Nahswitch and they made an impact with ‘We Nah Suffer Fi Long’ and ‘Stop Tek Life’ and their dynamic live performance skills led to appearances at Sting, Saddle to the East, and others.

When Powell migrated, the duo broke up and he is currently enjoying life as a solo act. He is currently working on music with Tuff Link Records and Water House Records.

Anyone who would like to get in contact with Real Real Records can reach him through Facebook @RealReal So Tru or his business page @Real Real Records or IG: @realteesotrue.

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