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Prime Minister Andrew Holness bars visitors from leaving the island

Prime Minister Andrew Holness issued his sternest warning yet to people who landed in Jamaica, during the period March 18 – 23 and have not reported to the health authorities.

The prime minister was speaking at a digital press briefing at Jamaica House.

“These individuals will now be placed on a watch list and will be barred from leaving Jamaica.

“Why? They are the biggest threat at this time to the country’s effort of stemming COVID-19.

“Further, the police will be going door to door in an effort to find these individuals,” Holness stated.

The prime minister also reminded that failure to report to the health authorities comes with a fine of one million dollars and/or imprisonment of 12 months.

One thought on “Prime Minister Andrew Holness bars visitors from leaving the island”

  1. It not a comment it just something I need to be put out primister ….I ran a bar that I have rented pay 6 mouth rent ..then the landlord is telling u that there is nothing she can do for u and ur money is on ran..there not giving u back ur time..but yet still they are holding ur money …I wish u could let them give us back har time from wen the bars are close down..but over time dose who pay there money already to thifeing landlord that what I call them they have no heart we did not lock bars the government did so pls sir let them give us back har time are money back.

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