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The family of dancehall icon Tiger reported the veteran deejay missing on Tuesday night after he wandered out of the family home in St. Andrew.

“I put my father to bed on Monday night and when I woke up in the morning, he was missing. We reported him missing to the Matilda’s Corner police station on Tuesday and we have been worried sick about him since, ah four days now,”a distraught Rhialty Check, Tiger’s daughter, she told one876.

She said that she returned to the police station on Friday morning to inform the that she has an idea where he may be after her daughter, who is overseas, saw a video of her grandfather, Tiger, on Tik Tok.

“My daughter contacted the person on Tik Tok who put a video of him up asking for money. We want them to take down the video even though ah help dem a beg for him because it is messing up a lot of things as hey are saying him a mad out,” she said.

Years ago, Tiger’s family opened up a Real Helping Hands account to raise funds for the ‘No Wanga Gut’ deejay after he reportedly suffered a second minor stroke in 2021.
Tiger, 61, a dancehall icon known for songs such as ‘When’ and ‘No Puppy Love’, has suffered two strokes. Born Norman Washington Jackson, he has struggled with his health for decades after a near-fatal car accident in 1994.

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