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Pharaoh drops new video with bootylicious girls

Dancehall artiste Pharaoh is pleased with buzz around the cheeky video for his latest single, ‘Want Some a Yu Ting’ since its release on March 27th.

“The fans like the energy in the video, the location, the girls, the lyrics, everything come together. I had a great time in Jamaica shooting the video and that sense of good vibes and fun translated into a great video,” Pharaoh, whose real name is Rayon Robinson, said.

The song was officially released in March on the Pharaoh Dynasty label via all downloadable digital music platforms.

Pharaoh knows that the entertainment world has been hard hit by the spread of the COVID-19 disease which has cancelled tours, nixed events and brought the world to a virtual standstill. He knows that the impact is particularly hard on young up-and-coming artistes and the impact goes beyond just not being able to perform; they’re also now recovering from financial burdens brought on by investing in visas, hotels and airfare for shows which have been pushed back indefinitely, killing any opportunity to reach a new audience.

“it’s rough right now, so in, so out, so up, so down, life is a cycle and everything within in, what is today won’t be tomorrow. This coronavirus must pass, we all have a choice in seeing the cup half empty or half-full. I have taken the time to spend with family, write and record new songs, and leaning new things. All new artistes must just push through and propel forward,” he said.

Pharaoh experiments with several genres of music including R & B, Afrobeats, as well as dancehall and reggae.

The artiste grew up in Amity Hall district in St. Thomas, but spent time between Tel A Viv with his father and Retreat in St. Thomas when his parents split. At the tender age of 5, he knew that he wanted to be singer or an actor. During his teenage years, he began experimenting with dancehall.

He migrated overseas to the USA in 2014 where he began to groom himself in that ‘pharaoh’ image, even growing a beard and began a strenuous health and fitness regimen to ready himself for the rigours of dancehall.

There are plans to release a 7 song hardcore dancehall EP this Summer. He is managed by the US-based management company, Pharaoh Dynasty Entertainment. He is managed by Samuel ‘Bossy’ Doman.

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