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Marcia Griffiths headlines Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Fest

Reggae music aficionados will converge on Palm Beach, FL, to partake in an unforgettable sonic and gastronomic experience: the Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Fest 2024.

The event will be headlined by Marcia Griffiths, Mr. Lexx, Bugle and Brother Gary.

This milestone event promises an electrifying fusion of folk singing/dancing, a gospel segment, a Palm Beach Caribbean Cultural Pageant, and even a domino tournament, honouring traditional Jamaican pasttimes.

“We chose Marcia Griffiths because she is the Queen of reggae music, Marcia’s popularity from her days of Bob Marley and the “I-Threes”, and her renowned solo act makes her a great selection for this event. Marcia’s style and act greatly resonate with the type of event we are doing. We think these types of events brings out the best in Marcia,” Bain Hinds, director of A Few Good Men Entertainment, the founders of the event, said.

This is the first year the organisers are doing this event in Palm Beach, Florida.

“We want to highlight Jamaica’s culture outside Jamaica. We feel that it is important to share the cultural things that we did growing up so that our Jamaican people that migrated can experience a piece of the culture they have missed so much,” Hinds said.

Hinds said that second-generation Jamaicans are anxious to experience the cultural extravaganza that defined Jamaica in the 1970s and 1980s, what Hinds called “the true Jamaican culture”.

The event will be rounded out by several well-known artistes.

“Some of the entertainment includes artistes such as Bugle who we think is a strong representation of the culture, and Mr Lexx who was a prominent DJ in the 90s. We will also have a few local acts to include a daughter of a prominent singer Everton Blender. Iesha Blender is a making big moves and we want to highlight it,” Hinds said.

Hinds believes that the event provides a unique opportunity to place the island’s diverse culture – Jamaica’s national symbols, music, and food – on display to further promote the power of Brand Jamaica.

“We believe that anyone who loves the Jamaican culture will have an appreciation of the features of the Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Festival. The main reason behind the show is to bring to attention the Jamaica Independence Day through highlighting cultural events that Jamaicans and lovers of the Jamaican culture can enjoy,” Hinds said.

Hinds said that the anticipation is high within the Jamaican diaspora in Florida.

“We are anticipating a good turnout, the people we have spoken to love the difference in our delivery, some people are excited about reggae lineup and some are excited about the cultural things we will be doing. The combined experience is what I believe is getting the best response so far,” Hinds said.

The sponsors of the show include SupaJamz Radio, the only Caribbean radio station in Palm Beach County, Osborne and Francis Law Firm, some of the best injury lawyers in Palm Beach County, Safari shipping, Sophisticated Barbers and Salon and fashion designer JanaeShalecia.

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