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PG Million ready to stack the bricks with ‘Fake Fully’


Dancehall artiste PG Million has been in love with music his entire life. This love affair has led him to pursue music full time, and that’s why he is banking on the success of his latest release, ‘Fake Fully’, a word he coined to sum up the ‘epidemic’ of betrayal caused by fake people in the society.

“The ‘fake fully’ is not a word in the dictionary series but I added a suffix to the word, ‘fake’ and came up with it. I wrote the song because of a trend, a movement I see happening in our society. Some speak out, some hold it down, but I wanted to address it, I have been a victim of betrayal, and it seems you don’t find people who are loyal anymore,” he said.

The single ‘Fake Fully’ was released on the Yaad Boizz label on December 12th. Since its release, the video for the song has racked up thousands of views.

“People love the ‘fake fully” slang,” he said.

PG Million is also known for the single, ‘Man of God’, a song which reflects the spiritual mindset of the artiste.

“I am a biblical person, as a kid, I attended a Pentecostal Church in Lamb’s River, close to Belvedere, a church my grandfather built. So I keep up certain morals and standards, even though I am doing dancehall music,” he said.

He has performed at several small parties and events in Montego Bay, Spanish Town and Belvedere, his hometown in Westmoreland where he has solidified a decent underground following.

“Look forward to PG Million fully out there, fully fully fully,” he said.

Asked about his unusual monicker, he responded:

“It is just a name to identify me to show I am unique, one of a kind, PG is an acronym for Progressive General and the ‘Million’ is about attaining certain goals in life, not just literally acquiring money,” the 25 year-old artiste said.

Born Davian Keifer Gray, he grew up in a small community of Belvedere in Westmoreland. He attended Kew Park Primary then Anchovy High school where he was involved in sports such as athletics. He did security jobs and other odd jobs such as delivery services and even landed a job in the island’s booming BPO industry.

He taught himself how to tell epic stories through his lyrical prowess and intoxicating flows, essentially mastering his craft. His first official recording was a song called ‘Destiny’ but it wasn’t released.

It wasn’t until he was discovered by an A&R agent of Yaad Boiiz Records that he began to make progress.

“One of the goals of our record label is to cultivate new talent both here and abroad. PG is an example of an emerging artiste who demonstrated what we are looking for: extraordinary talent, humility, a sense of humour, hardworking and fearless. We are very happy to welcome him to the YB family,” Orville Matherson, CEO of YB Records, said.

PG Million is committed to the task ahead.

“With my new team in place, all things are possible. I am motivated because YB Records has my back fully,” PG Million said.

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