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Khago has no sympathy for Kemar McGregor, plans to sue others


Reggae-dancehall artiste Khago is unconcerned about how producer Kemar McGregor will cough up US$800,000 to settle a copyright lawsuit.

“It’s up to him and God Almighty an him pocket, and di court of America enuh. How America stay, yuh haffi find suppm. Like him run dem joke deh wid Jah Cure; him run dem joke deh wid Gyptian dem and Luciano dem. Mi si Luciano a Canada an him a seh ‘wow, mi like how yuh stan up an a fight him’. An mi a seh, fight him? Mi naw fight him. Mi a fight fi mi son ting,” he stated.

On February 16, a South Florida court had awarded the Naw Sell Out Mi Friend Dem singjay US$763,626 in damages in a counter-suit filed against McGregor, the principal of Streaminn Hub Inc, in a battle involving the singer’s albums Spirit, Walk A Mile, and Dancehall Soca.

Khago is to receive US$300,000 in statutory damages for copyright infringement. He is to also be paid US$99,568.59 in compensatory damages for tortious interference with business relationships; US$298,705.77 in punitive damages for tortious interference with business relationships; and US$65,352.00 in reasonable expenses and attorney’s fees for a total award of US$763,626.36.

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