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Natty prepares for ‘Ascension’

Natty announces his new single, ‘Ascension’. Released to align with Spring Equinox, his captivating track marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey, blending profound personal experiences with the universal quest for inner transformation and healing.

Destined to be the first release from this project, ‘Ascension’ introduces the concepts of healing and raising collective frequencies via music- a theme to remain consistent throughout this year for Natty. Watch the video here.

Dubbed a ‘soul-reggae crossover sensation’ by The Telegraph, Natty (San Francisco born, London raised) was discovered playing the open mic circuit and signed by Atlantic Records. Following his BBC performance on Later with Jools, his UK Top 20 debut album Man Like I introduced the world to his unique voice and writing ability.


His career highlights include a Number 1 single in Japan (‘Badman’), voted Best World Music Act at the Independent Music Awards, touring every continent bar 1, headlining an unauthorised show in front of thousands in Khartoum, and sharing stages with some of his favourite artists such as Baba Maal, Nitin Sawhney, Mos Def plus a full tour with Ziggy Marley.

Crafted amidst the serene landscapes of Jamaica, new single ‘Ascension’ was born during a pivotal moment in Natty’s life. Reflecting on the challenges and changes brought forth by the global pandemic, he found solace in the harmonies of nature and the depths of his own introspection. With seven children homeschooled nearby and his partner by his side, Natty embarked on a musical odyssey inspired by the power of sound healing.

Speaking of the track he says, “I think this song was always destined to be the first release from this project, as it was the first song that really set the pallet of all the different sounds, songs and ideas that I was working on. It also sets the scene of what is to come by introducing the concepts of healing and raising our collective frequencies via music.”

From confronting inner demons to embracing the transformative journey towards inter- cellular healing, the lyrics of ‘Ascension’ resonate with authenticity and raw emotion. The production of the single was akin to assembling a puzzle of soundscapes and textures. Utilising innovative techniques and instruments such as the Ebow guitar and Mbira, backed up by his long-standing Rebelship band, with the addition of tabla and double bass. He sculpted a sonic landscape that invites listeners to tune into higher frequencies and elevate their spirits.

A pivotal element of the song was the addition of JJ Soulx’s ethereal vocals, seamlessly blending with Natty’s own emotive delivery The vocal combination alongside the band in sync with Natty’s production create a transcendent musical experience that resonates with audiences on a whole new level. He continues, “a female voice was important to me on this song, and JJ Soulx was the singer that I thought of straight away. We spoke many times before she sent her parts, which fit in perfectly. Now, for me as a singer this song is at the top of my range, requiring a new level of strength, which in itself was at times a spiritual experience.”

‘Ascension’ serves as the cornerstone of Natty’s upcoming announcements, offering a glimpse into the overarching themes of healing and collective elevation that define his artistic vision. With its evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, the single sets the stage for a transformative musical journey that promises to uplift and inspire.
As the world continues to navigate through uncertain times, ‘Ascension’ serves as a beacon of hope and renewal, reminding us of the power of music to heal, uplift, and unite us all.

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