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Mikeylous hits top five of WZOP Radio South Florida charts

Dancehall artiste Mikeylous once topped the charts in 1995 with the hit ‘ Macarena Dance’. Now, he is trying to do it again as he is enjoying some success with his latest single, ‘Ungrateful’ .

The song, ‘Ungrateful’, has been buzzing on the airwaves, a song that has taken on additional meaning given the perilous times brought on by the COVID-19 public health crisis. The song jumped several places this week to land at #5 on the WZOP Radio South Florida charts.

Buju Banton’s combination, ‘Memories’ featuring John Legend currently occupies the pole position on the chart.

“The radio station does the countdown chart every Friday evening inna the South Florida, and my phone is blowing up every week with people saying they are happy that the song is doing so well,” Mikeylous said.

Mikeylous shared the inspiration behind the song.

“The message in the song is very relevant, in many countries during this pandemic, people been dying like crazy. But in every situation, there is always room for grace, humility and gratitude. Many people are saying the government of Jamaica could have done more, but at the same time, we have to be grateful, because the crisis could have been so much worse, we only had nine deaths so far, but it could have been worse, it could have been 200…300, look at what happened in Europe and the USA,” said Mikeylous, whose real name is Michael Grant, said.

“The people must always remember, don’t be ungrateful, give thanks, show gratitude,” he said .

Featured on the Night Ride rhythm, ‘Ungrateful’, is a joint production between Mikeylous and Joe Wizzle. The song was officially released in September 2019, but the aggressive promotion of the song only began in January 2020.

“The response we have got so far has been great, it catch on and now it ah play hard on all the major radio stations dem now, the people dem say mi buss back inna COVID time,” an excited Mikeylous said.

In recent times, Mikeylous has been working with producers including Seltza Music from Orlando, and Tony Hype. He has an album titled ‘From Then Till Now’ that is currently being produced.

A video for ‘Ungrateful’ was released on digital streaming platforms last week.

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