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Jonathan Grant High school principal reprimanded for pep ‘sex talk’

A high school principal from Spanish Town has been reprimanded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information for the language he used while seeking to dissuade his students from having sex.

The principal, in a video that has gone viral, labelled some of his male students as “two-minute boys” and told them to put black strings on their penises, take their minds off sex and focus instead on their lessons.

He was particularly strident in reprimanding men who preyed on schoolgirls. But his advice edged into the realm of the outrageous and downright offensive.

“Tell him seh yuh waah rest yuh likkle front now. For the next 10 months, yuh a guh rest yuh likkle front,” the principal said. “Him beat up yuh front hard enough, now yuh waah fi rest it suh yuh can concentrate on yuh exams.”

While the gist of his message is understood, we cannot condone the generally insulting manner in which this was conveyed,” the ministry said.

“There are many messages to be conveyed and leaders should bear in mind the tone and likely impact of what is said, which may undermine the desired effect,” the ministry added.

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