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Intence scores monster hit for Countree Hype Entertainment with ‘AIDS Test 2’

Taugea Dayes

On-the-rise producer Taugea ‘Countree Hype’ Dayes has been steadily making his name as the creative force behind the rise of independent record label, Countree Hype Entertainment.

He is the producer of Intence’s ‘AIDS Test’, one of the hottest singles released this month. The song, released with accompanying visuals, has racked up 523,000 views since its release three days ago.

“The song is in the top five of Trending,everybody is talking about this song because of the concept of the video which promotes the idea of how important safe sex and condom use is, especially among young people,” Dayes said.

The most recent national Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour Survey [KABS] released by the Ministry of Health and Wellness shows that condom use is declining despite increased access to this protective barrier against STIs and HIV/AIDS.

“The results show a decline in the percentage of high-risk males and females that protected themselves in their last sex act,” the study, which was released in May 2019, revealed.

“Of note is the fact that among those who protected themselves, there may also be elements of inconsistent protection. This is so as when asked about the last 10 times sex was had, significantly fewer persons in this high-risk cohort of multiple partners protected themselves (17.1 per cent in 2017 never used a condom the last 10 times sex was had),” the research found.

The Ministry of Health contacted Intence to be a part of an Instagram Live discussion about safe sex, but the timing was off.

“The Ministry (of Health0 commended him on the message behind the ‘Aids Test 1’ and ‘Test 2’ because it promotes safe sex, but the notice for the Instagram Live session was too shot for him to make it,” Dayes said.

The 27 year-old Dayes, who hails from Spaldings Hill, Manchester is seeking to bridge the gap for emerging and indie artists looking to make it in the Dancehall Game.

He attended Spaldings Hill school where he developed a love for music during his teenage years.

“I got into music because the love of it ,I’m talking about from the days of recording my favourite songs on cassette, then I upgraded to Walkman player then CD player then MP3 player and when phones starting storing music, I start getting more interested because music was more accessible so I would say technology has driven my love for music,” he said.

He released his first major project, the Wasp Bite rhythm featuring the standout song, Mr. Death by Paco General featuring Masicka in 2017, however, he first tasted major success with Shane O’s ‘Take it Tell Me’ in 2019.

He has done outstanding work with the Crown Royal rhythm and Dengue rhythm projects which have registered over 60 millions streams combined on all platforms. His hit singles include Alkaline’s ‘Cree’ on the Dengue rhythm in 2020 with over 18 million streams on all platforms combined. He has also forged a great partnership with new generation titan, Intence, with whom he has racked up over 5 million streams combined on songs such as ‘Right or Wrong’, ‘Aids Test 1’ and ‘Aids Test 2’. He has also reaped success with Jahvillani with songs such as ‘Goat’, Execution and Suede Clarks, generating 4.5 million streams combined on all platforms.

“I try my best to create a good relationship with these artistes because when we work as a family or a team it gives better results and the relationship is preserved,” he said.

Countree Hype Entertainment has not officially inked any recording contract with dancehall artistes because Dayes has a more ‘family-oriented’ approach to the business side of dancehall with a team that includes KD Visuals, Brilli Production, Wai Fusion and Fatmack Production.

“Well I don’t officially sign any artiste but I work with over 10 young artistes who have the potential to make it big, Fresh King , Shremkell, Wassy , Korexx, Hype Bastard just to name a few,” he said.

Dayes is ready to crank out a number of high-octane projects in 2021 for emerging and superstar talent. And as the label continues to make strides in the music and entertainment industry, households around the world will see more of Countree Hype Entertainment.

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